Whether you’re looking for a majestic cupola for your religious, government, educational, commercial building or residential cupola for your home or barn, BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has the ability to manufacture and install your project. We are the unquestionable experts in the cupola industry. With our history and qualified craftsmen, we are positioned as the leader in manufacturing and installation of custom cupolas and related building elements. We have the ability to design and engineer cupolas, belvederes, clock towers, minaret towers, domes, finials and weathervanes. A cupola is a small, often dome like structure that sits on the top of a building.

We offer our custom cupolas in a wide variety of materials, colours and styles to suit your needs. Cupola roofs can be clad with prefinished metal, copper, patina copper, lead coated copper, zinc, or other exterior cladding. Choose from one of our standard cupola styles or let us custom design and build your dream cupola. Come visit our show room located in Oakville; we have many complete cupolas for sale and accessories to customize your cupola. Our cupolas will add beauty, character, and value to any building. We offer installation and delivery with our certified team. We offer the ability to accessorize your cupola with custom-built finials, crosses or weathervane.

History of Cupolas

The cupola in architecture is widespread; it has a history which many architectural features just cannot match. The early history of the cupola is a virtual pseudo tower. It served many purposes, from a covered light source to, ventilation, and style. It started back to the 8th century when the cupola was no more than to cover a minaret. These evolved and became the inspiration for the dome. They were no more than ornamental but represented massive achievements in architectural design and statement of proof of cultural superiority. Many cultures have historically used architecture as a status symbol and the cupolas provide some genuine states. The West took up the challenge and the Christian churches were soon building their own angular cupolas. By the Renaissance, major cities in Europe and the Islamic world were awash with magnificent buildings. The cupola turned architecture into a truly complex artistic medium.

Cupolas have to be well integrated into the building. Load stresses for big cupolas are not trivial things, and movement of a big heavy cupola is an engineering matter. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has the complete team to engineer the structural strength the roof.

We are able to restore historical buildings that require care and precise workmanship. Please review the following pages which highlight some of our design and cupola construction experience. We are capable of providing you with guidance in all phases of construction from conceptual design to final installation.

Design and Engineering of Cupolas

We offer custom design and engineering of cupolas. Our extensive experience can guide your concept into reality. We invite you to utilize our expertise in this area to ensure that you have a cupola design that will aesthetically fit well with your building. Larger cupolas may require engineering to ensure structural building design. Our team is highly experienced with cupola design and manufacturing and we can assist with your project. Often times all we require is a set of drawings of the building or a picture from all 4 sides to estimate the size and style that would be best suited to your project.

On larger cupola projects, BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has professional Engineering services available. We have been commissioned to design, engineer, build and restore steeples, domes, large custom cupolas, complex dormers, roofs and other decorative building elements. Our engineers and designers can provide stamped engineered drawings for your project and will work with your Architects, Engineers and Consultants on your project to ensure an efficient and quality installation.

We have full 3D computer design capability that can aid in visual design and finish choices. 
We invite you to utilize our expertise to aid in all phases of your project from initial conceptual design through final inspection and certification. We are the experts in our field and our Design Team and Engineers are always excited to tackle another complex project. We love what we do and our creativity and experience can provide your project with a one of a kind design that will stand the test of time.

Installation of Cupolas

We have manufactured hundreds of custom cupolas for home owners and organizations with a track record of proven success. Our modular approach to building allows us to complete many projects in their entirety within our manufacturing facility. Other projects require more onsite work on the ground prior to hoisting with a crane and others require that they be built in place. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has experience in all of these construction methods.

We are capable of providing a complete solution to your project. Projects that can be pre-manufactured can be transported to many locations throughout North America. Our specialized team members can travel to your location to install your cupola. Many building owners decide to install their own cupolas and we can provide you the information that you require to ensure a lasting installation.

Cupolas In Stock

The following Cupolas are available at our manufacturing facility. We can provide installation services if required or supply them to you ready to be installed onto your roof. Please contact us for further information on ordering.

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction is the premiere design/build cupola provider serving the Ontario market including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Kitchener, Newmarket and beyond.