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Design and Engineering Division

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has professional Engineering services available for your unique project. We have been commissioned to design, engineer and build steeples, domes, large custom cupolas, complex dormers, roofs and other decorative building elements. Our engineers and designers can provide stamped engineered drawings for your project and will work with your Architect, Engineers and Consultants on your project to ensure an efficient and quality installation.

We have full 3D computer design capability that can aid in visual design and finish choices. 
We invite you to utilize our expertise to aid in all phases of your project from initial conceptual design through final inspection and certification. We are the experts in our field and our Design Team and Engineers are always excited to tackle another complex project. We love what we do and our creativity and experience can provide your project with a one of a kind design that will stand the test of time.

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction is also extensively experienced in traditional construction methods including slate, cedar and copper roofing. We can provide specification writing and consulting on these types of roofing systems.



BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction provides roofing industry experience with committed and proven results for your projects needs to help see it through completion.

We provide Consulting in the following areas:
• All types of Roofing systems including Slate, Cedar, Copper, Metal, Synthetic Slate, Synthetic Cedar, Asphalt and Flat Roofing.
• Design, Specification Writing and Implementation of Complex and Custom roofing projects.
• Design and Specification Writing and Implementation of Complex and Custom Domes, Cupolas, Steeples and other building elements.
• Lightning Protection Systems.

A multi disciplined and highly experienced construction management and engineering consulting firm, we provide the innovative solutions and proactive support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget. We are able to identify specific problems and areas of concern to your project that others may not be aware of. We offer consulting and advice in the roofing industry due to our expertise and experience. We know what makes a roof last and our restoration background has demonstrated and proven to us what will last the test of time.

Our team has expertise in roofing (slate, copper, metal, cedar, shingle), custom cupolas, steeples, waterproofing, custom copper work, gold leaf guilding, remote rope access work, rigging and hoisting and many other fields.

Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate construction risk.

As construction management consultants, BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction offer the expertise and guidance required to assist all professionals working within the construction industry. We are able to start from conceptualization to project close out. We rely on our diverse educational background and practical construction experience to provide effective consulting services.



We have installed a diversity of roofing systems and building materials. Our experience in historical restoration and new construction is unparallel in the industry. We can provide a written and proven specification for your unique project that will ensure that it stands the test of time.