Domes - Quadra Dome

Prophet Elias
Greek Orthodox Church

Domes - Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church

Hilton Hotel

Domes - Hilton Hotel

St. Nicholas

Domes - St. Nicholas

St. Xenia Orthodox Church

Domes - St. Xenia Orthodox Church, Kanata

Niagara on the Lake

Domes - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario


Domes - Caledon Dome


Domes - Almonte Dome, Almonte

Thunder Bay Beach

Domes - Thunder Bay Beach

Residental Napanee

Domes - Residential Dome, Napanee

Holy Family Catholic
Church Dome

Domes - Holy Family Catholic Church, Toronto

Islamic Centre
Cambridge Dome

Domes - Islamic Centre of Cambridge

Church of the
Transfiguration Dome

Domes - Church of the Transfiguration

University of Guelph

Domes - University of Guelph

Cornwall Road

Domes - Cornwall Road

Iranian Embassy

Domes - Iranian Embassy

Kennedy Islamic
Centre Dome

Domes - Kennedy Islamic Centre

Mississauga Islamic
Centre Dome

Domes - Mississauga Islamic Centre

Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour, London

St. Clement of Ohrid
Cathedral Dome

Domes - St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral

St. Elias Church

Domes - St. Elias Church

Vaughan Islamic Centre

Vaughan Islamic Centre, Vaughan

St. Stanislaus Kostka
Church Dome

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Hamilton

St. Volodomyr’s

Domes - St. Volodomyr's

Roxborough Retirement
Residence Dome

Roxborough Retirement Residence, Newmarket

St. Mary’s Ethiopian Church

Domes - St. Mary's Ethiopian Church

Archangel Michael
& St. Tekla Dome

Domes - Archangel Michael & St. Tekla


Whether you’re looking for a large dome for your religious, government, commercial building, or dome for your home, BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction can provide a custom solution for your project. Our history of successful installations and qualified tradesman are positioned as leaders and experts in the Dome industry. Our team is able to design, engineer, and manufacture domes in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have the ability to design build strong and eye catching domes. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction offers custom domes in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. We have constructed domes with structural components of steel, wood, fiberglass and have finished domes in a variety of styles clad with prefinished aluminum, copper, patina copper, lead coated copper, zinc, other exterior metals, as well as cedar, asphalt, slate, fiberglass and other materials. Cupola domes, onion domes, coffered domes, elliptical domes and the classic semi-spherical shape have been constructed by BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction. The design, quality, and construction will be a testament to the community as it will be viewed by all and careful attention to detail is a prerequisite.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your project in detail. We have expert craftsmen to offer assistance through the initial conceptual design to the final stages of the project. We offer the ability to accessorize your dome with custom built cupolas, finials, crosses or weathervanes complete with a lightning protection system. Consider windows and louvers in your design, or we can build your architect’s unique design and vision.

Depending on the size of the project, we have the ability to manufacture components in our manufacturing facility and finish on site in an efficient manner.

Domes History

There are dome structures that date back 15,000 to 20,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the Romans that we see the domes today. The Romans created domes using wood, stone, brick, ceramic and concrete. Domes also play a very important part in places of worship where they represent and symbolize different aspects of the religion. For example Eastern Orthodox churches have domes which represent heaven. In the Islamic places of worship they are called mosques. There are different types of domes, corbel, onion, oval, parabolic, polygonal, sail, saucer, and umbrella.

Domes have to be well integrated into the building. Load stresses for domes are and movement of big heavy domes is an engineering matter. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has the complete team to engineer the structural strength of the roof of the building. We are able to restore historical building’s domes that require care and precise workmanship.

Design and Engineering

Domes have to be well integrated into its building. Load stresses for big domes are not questionable things, and movement of big heavy domes is an engineering matter as far as a building’s frame is concerned. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has the complete team to engineer the structural strength of the building.

We are able to restore historical buildings that require care and precise workmanship. We have experience in removal and reinstallation of bells, removing old steeples and domes and restoration to prestigious condition and many more. Our craftsmen are capable of accessing the most remote locations through our Remote Rope Access Division.

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has professional Engineering services available for your unique project. We have been commissioned to design, engineer, build and restore steeples, domes, large custom cupolas, complex dormers, roofs and other decorative building elements. Our engineers and designers can provide stamped, engineered drawings for your project and will work with your project Architects, Engineers and Consultants to ensure an efficient and quality installation.

We have full 3D computer design capability that can aid in visual design and finish choices. 
We invite you to utilize our expertise to aid in all phases of your project from initial conceptual design through final inspection and certification. We are the experts in our field and our Design Team and Engineers are always excited to tackle another complex project. We love what we do and our creativity and experience can provide your project with a one of a kind design that will stand the test of time.


We have been manufacturing custom Domes for many religious buildings, home owners and organizations with a track record of proven success. Our modular approach to building allows us to complete many projects in their entirety within our manufacturing facility. Other projects require more onsite work on the ground prior to hoisting with a crane and others require that they be built in place. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has experience in all of these construction methods.

We are capable of providing a complete solution to your project. Projects that can be pre-manufactured can be wide load transported to many locations throughout North America. Our specialized team members can travel to your location to install your dome. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has extensive experience in Remote Rope Access work and has the capability to access the most remote locations safely and efficiently to perform our work.

Rigging and Hoisting

Installation of such a complex structure such as a dome should be carried out by a team of professionals who have experience. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has a history of successful projects that have included very complex crane lifts in excess of 50 tons per lift. Our team is highly experienced in rigging and hoisting and can provide the building owner a much more efficient construction and installation of their projects. We specialize in completing the majority of the construction and fabrication work on the ground or in our manufacturing facility and utilizing a crane to hoist it safely onto the building. Thereby reducing the risks associated with the projects, the cost of remote access work and multiple cranes, and the efficiency of the entire schedule.

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction has installed domes and other complex structures of all shapes and sizes to very close tolerances in construction. We are insured to carry out this work and provide additional coverage on our hoisting projects to protect the building owner. The rigging and hoisting of such large and complex structures is not within the capabilities of your average firm. We are specialists in this work; we have the experience and history to prove it. BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction provides residential and commercial domes of all sizes in the Ontario market including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Kitchener, Newmarket and beyond.