metal jingles
Metal jingles can get any material you desire. System as currently being demonstrated in the picture combined with airy front wall is using the system at the highest level in terms of an architect. It combines a traditional method and innovation at their look.
standing steam wall
We can create for you a wall standing seam method – single or double suture – combined method airy front wall with insulation or without insulation. The facade of the wall is created beautiful. You can create an antique look or innovative. steang steam cladding protects the wall from moisture, dirt and damage. You will not have any need to maintain the wall for 40 years.
Metal wall (cassette profile)
Ben Ami Roofing and Construction can create a cassette profile from each of the following substances – zinc, aluminum and copper. You can also create a profile cassette with the front wall airy method according to German standards that creates high energy savings Cassette profile protects the wall and the color is maintained for many years. You can combine fire protection insulation with the color of  – Ben-Ami’s defense systems to (according to NATO standards). We can make your wall look modern and futuristic as you want, also in the various metal colors. This is an example of metal wall cassette profile.