Front ventilated is the highest standard insulation system that produces energy savings. The most effective insulation is plates of polystyreneconcrete, but there are also other types of insulation. In Israel, not many knows the method of front airy and this insulating performed without interval of 2 cm required for passage of air. This means that the wall was “not breathing” and water stored in the wall. If this is not treated in time, appears after a certain period mold and fungus in the walls. In addition, in many cases people put insulation on the wall but did not close it correctly and therefore not closing the thermal bridges.


According to the international standard under which we work – after completing wall coating you have to control the job through the thermographic images to ensure that wont be thermal bridges in the walls. In many cases does not entering enough air space to the air flow. Before creating airy front, calculate the dimensional space
These pictures shows the principle of the ventilated front wall:
The blue part is the wall, the green part indicates the wall coating.
The red arrow indicates the direction of air flow from the bottom up.
The yellow part is the isolation.
The late held with aluminum plates a 2 cm from the wall

So that air can flow from the bottom up.