St. Andrews Church

St. Andrews Church, Oakville

Residential Dome

Residential Dome - Metal

Ballymena Estate

Ballymena Estate - Metal


Ornamental Metal - Cambridge


Ornamental Metal - Transfiguration

Cornwall Road

Ornamental Metal - Cornwall Road


Ornamental Metal - Niagara Warehouse


Ornamental Metal - Iranian Embassy


Ornamental Metal - Mississauga

Kennedy Islamic Centre

Ornamental Metal - Kennedy Islamic Centre

Alderlea Estates

Ornamental Metal - Alderlea Estates

Private Residence

Ornamental Metal - Private Residence

Holy Family Church

Ornamental Metal - Holy Family Church

Private Residence 2

Ornamental Metal - Private Residence 2

Thunder Bay Beach

Ornamental Metal - Thunder Bay Beach


Ornamental Metal - Konzelmann


Ornamental Metal - Yorkville

Night Fall Court

Ornamental Metal - Night Fall Court

St. Nicholas

Ornamental Metal - St. Nicholas

St. Stanislaus

Ornamental Metal - St. Stanislaus

Murry Point

Ornamental Metal - Murry Point

Ten Thousand Buddhas

Ornamental Metal - Ten Thousand Buddhas

University of Guelph

Ornamental Metal - University of Guelph

Private Residence 3

Ornamental Metal - Private Residence 3

Kingston Residence

Ornamental Metal - Kingston Residence

Lorne Park

Ornamental Metal - Lorne Park

St. Xenia

Ornamental Metal - St. Xenia

Ornamental and Architectural Sheet Metal Work

We have much experience creating some of the most unique and interesting copper and sheet metal work. We employ coppersmiths on staff and can provide one of a kind custom copperwork and sheet metal accessories, range hoods, collector boxes, cornices, stampings, bay windows, crosses, finials and complete roofing systems. If you have a unique design allow us to turn your dream into reality. We have extensive experience designing and engineering ornamental and architectural sheet metal systems.

Copperwork is an art form that few in the industry can understand or accomplish. We utilize time tested and proven coppersmithing methods in association with the governing trade standards, strict specifications and our experience with restoration work. One of the surest ways to determine if a system can stand the test of time is to work on old buildings that have been around for over 100 years. Taking apart and restoring roofs and copperwork provides us a competitive advantage in our understanding of proven application methods that will stand the test of time. Copperwork and architectural sheet metal in general must be aesthetically pleasing, and careful attention to detail is required to ensure that a installation will stand up to mother nature in the long term.

Often times consumers and builders do not compare the workmanship with the costs associated with a quotation. To do it right with metal work takes time, and to sacrifice the quality is only incurring maintenance costs at a future date that often far exceed the cost associated with having the work performed by a competent firm.

Design and Engineering

Many of our creations are one of a kind items that are commissioned on a conceptual basis. Our experience with unique and decorative ornamental metal work is an advantage for our customers in our ability to bring their concepts into reality. We have been custom fabricating ornamental and architectural work long enough to understand the attention to detail that this specialized field requires. Our design department can guide you through the entire process, from concept to final installation.

Custom Fabrication

Our craftsmen and design team are capable of providing very unique and specialized creations for a diversity of applications. Our experience in creating one of a kind designs and ornaments makes us a good choice in your selection of a qualified and detail oriented firm to complete your unique creation.


Copperwork is a generic term which can be applied to a large number of coppersmithing activities. In general a coppersmith is a specialty sheet metal worker who has a specialization in a very unique and traditional skill set. Copperwork was derived from the long standing principles of the blacksmith who would utilize very rudimentary tools and techniques to form and shape the metal. Today coppersmithing is still utilizing these same techniques.

We have been providing custom copperwork on a very large number of projects since our beginnings. Copper is a very special material that has the capability to withstand the test of time and offer a very unique and unmistakable aesthetic quality. It is well known for its longevity.

Zinc is another similar metal and has many of the same characteristics as copper. The techniques used to work with zinc are very similar.

Our craftsmen have created copper roofing systems, decorative and ornamental building enhancements such as collector boxes, finials, crosses, custom eavestrough and many other unique offerings. Our capabilities within this field of work are virtually limitless. We take great pride in our ability to provide some of the finest work available anywhere.

Bay Windows

Our expert coppersmiths have installed hundreds of bay windows throughout the GTA. Our copperwork is designed to be a lasting and quality installation that will protect the building and provide a unique aesthetic quality that will last the test of time.

When considering a firm to provide work on your investment it is critical to ensure a quality installation. We have the history and experience to provide quality workmanship. Browse through the following photos for examples of our work.


A finial is a decorative accessory that is often made from sheet metal. Finials are often used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of a building but may also offer a symbolic purpose. Crosses, crescent moons, insignia and logos are all examples of some of the finials that can be created. Search our pictures below to understand that we can create a limitless variety of finials in a large array of styles, materials and sizes.

The finial is the finishing touch to a building, it’s purpose is to provide an eye catching and lasting impression on the observer.

Crosses and Religious Ornaments

We have been commissioned to custom manufacture crosses, crescent moons, kundar’s, trishel’s and other religious artefacts. Our craftsmen have custom fabricated a large number of works made from a large assortment of materials including, fibreglass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc, other metal alloys and wood. We can assist with the design and engineering of these ornaments or can custom build from your design to historical replication.

Range Hoods and Counter Tops

Custom made Range Hoods and Counter Tops are available. Our craftsmen have experience in providing some of the most unique work available in this custom division. We have manufactured custom creations and can assist with the design and engineering of the system to ensure a quality finish and installation.

Browse through the following pictures to gain an understanding of our work.

BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction are experts in ornamental metal fabrication and installation in the Ontario market including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St. Catharines and beyond.