Remote Rope Access

At BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction our work often takes us to new heights. We are often performing our work high above ground level in areas that are not practical to provide scaffolding or aerial platform access. Often times our work takes place in areas that can only be accessed by ropes. Our team has adopted the tactics, techniques and procedures developed by the Industrial Remote Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). IRATA standards meet and exceed the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Labour Standards and Regulations. We take our employee’s safety very seriously and have ensured strict adherence to these standards to ensure their safety and that of our clients.

Utilizing a standardized set of rope access gear and procedures our team is capable of safely executing very complex and otherwise high risk access in an economical and safe manner. Each project is assessed for its individual complexities and complete plan of action includes all safety aspects of the work. Often the costs and footprint associated with conventional scaffolding access are outweighed by the utilization of remote rope access. While the work may progress at a slower pace while on rope, the benefits are an overall cost reduction on many projects. Our remote rope access abilities provide us a competitive advantage that few others can match in the industry. Our skilled tradesman can get virtually anywhere to execute their work in a safe and cost effective manner.

Our Remote Rope Access services include:
• Visual Surveys
• Roof Consultations
• Non Destructive Testing and Structural Surveys
• Roofing Installation and Repair
• Rigging and Hoisting
• Installation and Construction of our Unique Projects

Rigging and Hoisting Division

Rigging and Hoisting has been utilized on many of BA Roofing & Greenbuilding Construction  projects since the early years of operations. We have been custom manufacturing cupolas, steeple and domes and often take a modular approach to construction that allows significant cost savings to our clients. We have found that it is far more competitive, efficient and safer to construct these structures on the ground or in our manufacturing facility and to utilize a crane to provide the final installation onsite.

Our team is extensively experienced in Rigging and Hoisting of very complex structures. We have worked within tolerances of less than a ¼” over a 50’ span to ensure a perfect fit. We have custom engineered domes and steeples into modular segments that were sized according to the crane capacities that have been dictated according to the location, weight and pin distance of the required lift.

The following pages illustrate many of our complex lifts that always draw massive crowds to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the creation of some of the most magnificent structures found anywhere. When Steeples and Domes were originally constructed over the past century and beyond the constructors did not have the benefit of modern cranes and other technology to provide an efficient system of construction. We have successfully installed many projects onto churches, mosques, temples, homes and commercial buildings utilizing our innovative approach.

If you are considering a project that is within our scope of work please contact us early in the design phase and allow our expertise guide your design team in engineering your project in the most efficient manner.