We construct all types of roofing shingles: ceramics, jingles, slate, steel and the “BIBER SCHWANZ” tiles.
Slate tiles – Slate is a natural stone and slate tiles are of a long tradition in Europe. The first slate roof was built in medieval Europe. Standard slate roof holds about 130 years without needing repairs. In Israel, slate roofs are not common because it takes experience given that slate shingles are not industrial but carved by hand.
If you have any particular desire regarding the tiles will form the roof, we will realize them for you. For example, tiles BIBER SCHWANZ coming from a variety of colors.Number of Photos can be seen classic colors and fantasy colors special. These shingles specially imported from Germany.

An example of roofing tiles BIBER SCHWANZ colors and special elements

Roof tiles with copper gutter and insulation

An example of a house with a slate roof

Slate roof shingles, modern insulation system kind of a bat cookies are with Copper Finish

Examples installing slate roof

Before laying the tiles , First of all we put plastic sheeting (which appear in the photo) on the roof. To create additional protection from water ingress in case the tile breaks.

New roof in Mevo Beitar

Mevo Betar project gallery where we built a new roof with insulation, plastic sheeting for waterproofing, shingles and gutters.