There are three options for flat roof waterproofing – Bitumen sheets, sheets EPDM and PVC sheets.In Israel, the appropriate option and more durable over the years is bitumen sheets.chemicals in EPDM sheets do not react positively over time heat and ultraviolet and red radiation in Israel.
There are two types of flat roofs – “cool” roofs and “hot” roofs that indicate the physical state of the roof. According diagnosis roof type, determined the most appropriate sealing.
the tar Height is between 4 mm and 5 mm height. Tar sealant we use is only 5 mm in height and ensures long lasting waterproofing.
Sketching a plan for sealing Balcony / Terrace
Drafting Sealing is performed using the raised edges to prevent leaks
In this way the effective sealing for a longer period.

In the picture a flat roof insulation underneath.

Professional Waterproofing Window closing Frosted glass.

Professional performance of connecting Bituminous sheets.

picture number 1, “before”

In this picture we can see a flat roof with tar sheets in Mevasseret Zion. Bubble sheets indicate that there is water inside, because the work was performed in an unprofessional manner.

picture number 1, “after”
This roof in Mevaseret Zion after the work by Ben-Ami roofing and construction.
Sheets oft tar were laid new and the tar held via metal plates that prevent her to drop over time,
And in fact prevent water penetration. This European standard brought by Daniel Ben-Ami from Germany and which we perform
The job. This method is still not recognized in Israel.
picture number 2, “after”
And this shows a a professional finish of the corners which brings bridging the gap in temperature between day and night,
So that would not be water penetration in several years.
this is another roof

the tar is placed up to the parapet, so that wont drop over time. Before that, the tar was placed at floor level only