Wind Box – we build wooden Box from the Notford wood, spread a layer of impregnated – liquid material seals the wood And then paint the wood.
In most cases I encountered in Israel, skipping of the Step of impregnated. Anything Results in discoloration and decay of wood in a more rapid.
Or perform the connection of the tree with rust-proof screws and take the wood in that it does not move with the years. In Israel connection made through the nails such a connection is incorrect because the rapidly rusting nails And the wood moves over time and creates uneven look and old look.

in Wind box , before painting, it is important to sand in order to open the timber to absorb the color better and deeper. The Color we use has impregnated for the wood.

wind box after sanding and two layers of paint with impregnated
Such wind box does not require cleaning or maintenance and is durable for decades

After painting,
you do not see that nail

You can see the nails rusted over the years and that the wood was aged